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  • 14 - Monica M. Wemitt, Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, Dan Hasty, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.535.500
  • FOTR.28.500
  • SPIT.296.WemittOBrienMcAsseyLaneMosby.500
  • 8 - Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • FOTR.21.Yingling.500
  • 42.314.500
  • TheMusicMan.9.500
  • 42.397.FranklinCrosbieFerguson.500
  • 16 - James Benjamin Rodgers, Caitlin Wilayto, Colin Pritchard.2014
  • FOTR.23.500
  • MusicMan.500
  • 42.B.500
  • FOTR.159.Koons.500
  • 15 - Gabe Belyeu.500
  • TheMusicMan.15.500
  • SPIT.96.McAsseyLaneMosby.500
  • 42.B.78.500
  • FOTR.257.KoonsHasty.500
  • MusicMan.31.500
  • 13 - Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, Monica M. Wemitt, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • FOTR.389.TalbotDarragh.500
  • TheMusicMan.30.500
  • 42.B.423.Reinhold.500
  • FOTR.698.KoonsVelez.500
  • 26 - Dan Hasty, Laura Helm.500
  • SPIT.44.McAssey.500
  • FOTR.ElliotLane.500

What's Happening ...

Young Frankenstein
Show photos and sample performance videos: Young Frankenstein. Today's show times are 2 & 8 p.m. Upcoming performances are Friday at 8, Saturday at 4 & 8, and Sunday at 2 & 7.

The Pied Piper is on stage in the Children's Theatre August 1-2 and 8-9.

Young Frankenstein is a "laugh-out-loud riot of a musical," says Berkshire Bright Focus.

Benita Zahn, Jerry Gretzinger
The Mac-Haydn Monday series continues August 11,  when Fort Salem Theater presents¬†Jerry Gretzinger and Benita Zahn in Side by Side.

WABY's David Allan spoke with Dan Hasty (The Monster), Laura Helm (Elizabeth Benning), Colin Pritchard (Igor), Gabe Belyeu (Inspector Kemp & The Hermit), and James Benjamin Rodgers (Dr. Frederick Frankenstein) before the July 24 opening of Young Frankenstein.

2013's Favorite Performer Gabe Belyeu (Inspector Kemp in Young Frankenstein) looks ahead to his upcoming roles.

For those traveling to the theatre from the Albany direction, the New York State Department of Transportation advises that motorists be aware of lane closures on and around the Patroon Island Bridge beginning July 11.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

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