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  • ASN.21
  • FM.34
  • 8 - Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.535.500
  • 3 - Chris Bober, Gabe Belyeu, Elliot Lane.500
  • MusicMan.31.500
  • SPIT.44.McAssey.500
  • ASN.17
  • FM.6
  • FOTR.ElliotLane.500
  • 18 - Mark Edwards.500
  • 14 - Monica M. Wemitt, Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, Dan Hasty, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.B.500
  • FOTR.389.TalbotDarragh.500
  • ASN.11
  • MusicMan.500
  • SPIT.96.McAsseyLaneMosby.500
  • FOTR.21.Yingling.500
  • ASN.4
  • FM.410
  • 16.500
  • 26 - Dan Hasty, Laura Helm.500
  • FOTR.257.KoonsHasty.500
  • TheMusicMan.15.500
  • SPIT.296.WemittOBrienMcAsseyLaneMosby.500
  • FOTR.159.Koons.500
  • FM.1
  • 7 - Colin Pritchard, Carrie Cimma.500
  • FOTR.698.KoonsVelez.500
  • 15 - Gabe Belyeu.500
  • 42.314.500
  • FOTR.23.500
  • TheMusicMan.30.500
  • FM.317
  • 10.500
  • 16 - James Benjamin Rodgers, Caitlin Wilayto, Colin Pritchard.2014
  • 42.397.FranklinCrosbieFerguson.500
  • TheMusicMan.9.500
  • 13 - Colin Pritchard, Caitlin Wilayto, Monica M. Wemitt, James Benjamin Rodgers.500
  • 42.B.423.Reinhold.500
  • FOTR.28.500
  • 42.B.78.500
  • 24 - Carrie Cimma, Colin Pritchard, Mark Edwards, Sarah Talbot.500

What's Happening ...

2015 Season Announcement

Here it is ... the 2015 main stage season!

At this time, call 518-392-9292 for a season subscription. Single ticket orders will be available at a later date.

2015 Season Employment Information

STRAW HATS AUDITION INFO: We will be at the Straw Hat auditions in New York City on February 14, 15 and 16, and will be calling people back on their audition day.

We will also be holding an open call audition on Wednesday, February 25, at Chelsea Studios, 151 W. 26th St., New York City. Women: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Men: 2:30 - 6 p.m. Call backs from these will be February 25, 26, and 27.


We're getting many questions on what to prepare for our auditions. Here are some general guidelines:

APPOINTMENTS: Usually one song and a short comedic monologue, and shoes/clothes to move/dance in; if anything else is needed, you will be told when the appointment is scheduled.

NYC OPEN CALL: 16 bars of a song; if there are a lot of people we may go to 8 bars

NYC CALL-BACKS from Open Call: One song and a short comedic monologue, and bring shoes/clothes to dance/move in.

ADULT CHATHAM AUDITIONS: One song and a short comedic monologue, shoes/clothes to do a short movement/dance call.


Song: pick a song that best shows off your voice, it can be a ballad or up-tempo but be aware that we are often overwhelmed with ballads.

16 bars: pick those that show off the best part of your voice.

Short comedic monologue: 1 minute or less, something funny or light rather than something overly dramatic, with dead puppies or people, a lot of f-bombs, or dreary subjects in general.

Shoes/clothes to dance/move in: we realize that some singers are not dancers, we just want to see your 'sense of rhythm', and to be able to see dancers to have them come to a dance call at another time.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING RESUMES FOR PRINCIPAL PERFORMERS for roles in 2015 season -- possible appointment auditions Feb 23, call backs Feb 25-27. Non-Equity and Equity Guest Artist. Especially need triple-threat, legit voices, character men and women. Eight classic and contemporary musicals, season to be announced soon. Season dates mid-May through mid-September. full season and jobbers considered. Mail resume and head shot to Casting, The Mac-Haydn Theatre, Inc., P.O. Box 204, Chatham, NY, 12037. Emailed resumes and online or video audition submissions are not considered.

Auditions in Chatham will be in March and April. Information will be posted when arrangements are finalized.


January 29, 2015

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